Oswestry Angel’s have started a new initiative for the residents of Oswestry and surrounding villages in these critical times – Phone Buddies!

Angel’s have a list of volunteers willing to make one or two phone calls a week to anyone who is self-isolating and feeling very lonely or just for some normal conversation because the kids are driving you mad in lock-down.

Organiser Mike Lade said, “We know many of our residents are really struggling because of the lack of human contact and conversation. Without interaction, mental wellness can be compromised and physical health will follow. With an Angel volunteer putting aside less than an hour a week to make a couple of calls it can make a world of difference to another person and make their life a little more bearable in these trying times. I also think our phone volunteers will find it rewarding”.

If you are feeling lonely and isolated, then please email us or ring 01691 779145 and we will take your details and try and find a “phone buddy” for you. Please share this information with anyone you know.

More information can be found on www.oswestryangels.co.uk or to oswestryangels@gmail.com

Pictured: Lisa van der Horst ready to make a call.