Borderland have recently made a donation in support of the Beirut disaster appeal as part of their commitment to help international as well as local causes.

As the club already runs a Lendwithcare portal, it was decided to direct the donation to Care International, the parent organisation. Care International are already working on the ground in Beirut, helping with the many issues that the explosion caused. It is hard to imagine the enormity of the challenges they face, and the human suffering of those in the city and across the country.

Mike Barker, who runs Lendwithcare for Borderland said, “I think, like everyone else, I was shocked by the horrifying pictures of the blast and its aftermath and the club wanted to help as quickly, and as much as possible so it seemed logical to direct the money to a charity that we already have history with. They are in action, right now so we hope our donation will help in some small way”. Mike continued, “The Lendwithcare project has been a great success – basically, the organisation makes micro-loans, from as little as £30, to entrepreneurs in developing countries to help them work their way out of poverty. It’s interesting to know that just about every loan is paid back in full, a much better record than most high-street banks can boast!”

If you’d like to help with the disaster appeal go to