Ever wondered why your dog munches for hours on juicy green grass when out on a walk down a country lane, but never shows the slightest interest in your overgrown lawn?  Or why they chew and roll in an assortment of weeds and plants after a bout of illness, or a course of antibiotics?

Well Oswestry woman Rebecca Evans did, and has now launched a new business specialising in botanical self-healing for animals.

Rebecca said: “It got me wondering, especially after my Labrador Hennyboo was diagnosed with a serious bowel condition and kept eating forget-me-nots. The flowers are known for their anti-inflammatory and cooling properties.

Intrigued, I went on several courses, including  six months in Oxfordshire, to study botanicals and animal self-selection.  Now I’ve  launched my new business in Oswestry, Knowing Noses-Botanical self-healing for animals which aims to help your pet achieve optimum physical and emotional well-being, by enabling them to heal themselves through botanical self-selection(zoopharmacognosy if you want the technical  term!).

I have owned a dog-care business for 12 years and have a passion for creating a connection with the animals we share our lives with. Moving forward, botanical self-selection, in a nutshell, provides that opportunity and facilitates a communication between guardian and animal for healing and general well-being.

Animals, domestic and wild, have an innate ability to self-select specific plants which they know contain chemical properties which will benefit them. I provide a range of herbs, powders, hydrosols and essential oils containing these plant properties from which your pet can self-select and self-dose through inhalation, licking and topical application.

A session at Knowing Noses can take up to 2 hours, but it’s fascinating to observe how communicative some animals are when expressing their needs. One dog I saw had been to the vet 4 times with a recurring eye infection. I offered several plant choices to the dog and she was very clear about her choice…she lay down and scooped the herb to her cheek and fell asleep. After 20 mins she woke up, shook herself down and trotted off to play with her ball. I was delighted when the dog’s guardian rang me to say the red, sticky, itchy eyes were as clear as a whistle…and in 8 months there has been no re-infection.”

If you would be interested in learning more please get in touch through Facebook or email: info@knowingnoses.com