Oswestry Cambrian Rotary club will be helping Santa with his sleigh again this year as he tours the streets of Oswestry and surrounding areas.

President of Cambrian Rotary Club, Anna Pugh said: “We shall be starting quite early (29th November) so that if weather conditions mean that we have to abandon a particular route one evening we shall have opportunities to visit that area at a later date. Last year saw a big change in the way we made our street collections and this year we will continue with the same format.  We will be driving slowly around the roads so that children wave at Santa as he passes by.  Our static sessions around the town are where there will be photo opportunities but of course we shall be observing social distancing.

“We will not be knocking on doors to collect money this year but Santa’s little helpers will be travelling with him with collection buckets for you to put your spare coins in. Alternatively you can visit our ‘Just Giving’ page to donate or use our Text number for a choice of amounts from £1 to £10. All details will be available on our Facebook page Oswestry Santa Sleigh.

“Santa has a tracker on his sleigh which means that you will be able to anticipate when he will be travelling down your road.

Donations that we receive at this time enable us to support a range of local ‘worthy’ causes so we hope that people will be as generous as they have been in recent years.”

For more information join the Facebook group ‘Oswestry Santa Sleigh’ and of course we will share any information on the Oswestry Life Facebook page.