An Oswestry charity which helps people with life-changing physical disabilities move from hospital to independent living has appointed a new member to its team.

The Ethos Group, based in Oswestry, runs three properties offering rehabilitation for people with life-changing injury or illness.

Karen Schofield (50), who has more than 30 years experience in the care sector, has been appointed to a new full-time post of specialist housing support co-ordinator with Ethos as part of its aim to help newly discharged hospital patients rebuild their lives and move on to living independently.

Karen, who lives in Oswestry, has joined the Ethos team after two years with specialist care provider Active Assistance which provides the carers for Ethos clients.

“I had been working as the team leader with Active Assistance and so I was already involved with Ethos. I’ve worked in all aspects of the care sector for 35 years but this is a new post where I will be working with our clients to prepare them for living an independent life.

“I’ll be liaising with housing authorities, occupational therapists, social workers, care companies and helping clients sort out their financial support  – all the things they need to get on with their lives again,” said Karen.

She is also hoping to get involved in fund raising for the charity and has already helped bring in thousands of pounds by taking part in a charity mud run in September 2019.

“Ethos does a fantastic job for its clients and if I can make a difference for someone who has had their life changed by injury or illness through no fault of their own then that will make me feel really good,” she said.

Ethos Group chief executive, Fae Dromgool, said the charity was delighted to have Karen on the team.

“Karen’s experience and enthusiasm is an invaluable asset. She’s already familiar with the work that we do and I’m sure her involvement will help move Ethos into a new era of support and rehabilitation for all our clients,” she said.

Further information about the work of the Ethos Group is available at the website, by email at or by telephone at 01691 404359.

Pictured:  The new Ethos specialist housing support co-ordinator, Karen Schofield

Pictured:  Karen Schofield and her son Liam Rodway raised funds for Ethos in a charity mud run in 2019.