Borderland Rotary is thrilled to announce that one of the club’s major events, The Firework Display is back on this year, and will take place on  Saturday 6th November at Brogyntyn Park.

Borderland run this fun evening as a joint venture with Oswestry Town Council who have been an enthusiastic partner for many years.

Jonathan Jones, who organises the event, said, “It’s been a long hard road for everyone and there were some dark times, but it now looks a little brighter and hopefully this event will bring a smile back to people’s faces. Of course, it can only succeed with the help and good will of the people of Oswestry so please, get involved, come along, have fun and support us!”

All money raised by the event will go local causes and charities with the beneficiaries being announced at a later date.

In the past there have been donations to some of the smaller groups that find it very hard to raise funds but do invaluable work in our community.

Pictured: Jonathan Jones, Borderland Major events & Cathy Osselton, President.