Oswestry Town Council has named the new ramp between Castle Street and the Horsemarket carpark ‘Pam Ingrey Way.’ This is in honour of Pam Ingrey who sadly died earlier this year.

The need for improvement in this key and well used route was first highlighted by Pam Ingrey and Kim Tunnadine from Oswestry Mobility, who organised a petition and presented it to the Council.

The ramp enables easier and safer access into town and is highly valued by those in the community who have limited mobility.

Pam died just as the ramp was opened after a trip to see family in Australia. Following her passing, Oswestry Town Council approved the request from Kim and the family to name the ramp in her honour.

Pam’s son Gary Llewellyn spoke a few words on the unveiling of the new sign. “My mother was one of the strongest, bravest, and kindest people. Anyone who knew her would tell you that she would do anything to help anyone. When she started the petition for the new ramp, alongside Oswestry Mobility, she knew that it would make a positive difference to the people of Oswestry.”

Gary continued, “Unfortunately, my mother did not get chance to see the finished ramp, but now she will be remembered forever by the naming of Pam Ingrey Way.”

Oswestry Town Mayor, Councillor Olly Rose comments, “We are so sorry that Pam has passed away and the Council offers their sincere condolences to her family and friends. The Horsemarket ramp project was initiated by Pam and Kim, and it is fitting that we honour Pam in this way as a lasting legacy to her efforts to help our community. The Town Council is committed to making our town more accessible to all and this ramp is a step along that road. It is a great pity Pam didn’t survive to see how well used it is. To have a thriving community, we need people like Pam and Kim who have seen a way to improve things and have stepped forward to make it happen. Many thanks to them both.”

Pictured:  Gary Llewellyn (son), Kim Tunnadine (Oswestry Mobility) and Oswestry Town Mayor, Cllr Olly Rose.