At its meeting on Wednesday 22nd of March 2023, Oswestry Town Council passed a motion supporting the Climate and Ecology Emergency Bill.

The Climate & Ecology Bill was drafted by expert scientists, lawyers and academics, and sets a viable pathway for the UK to follow by: –

  • Requiring the Government to ensure that the UK reduces greenhouse gas emissions in line with a fair share global carbon budget to limit global heating to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels
  • Requiring the Government to protect and restore habitats, woodlands, wetlands, and the wider natural world to make sure that biodiversity loss is not just halted, but on the pathway to recovery by 2030
  • Establishing a representative Citizens’ Assembly to involve people from all parts of the UK in deciding which policies are needed to avoid irreversible environmental damage.

Oswestry Town Council has committed to be carbon neutral by 2030 and has implemented the following as part of its corporate plan:-

  • Planted 6439 trees including a recent tree giveaway of 500 tree whips at Oswestry Town Market to Oswestry residents;
  • Installed EV charging points at the council’s Central carpark with more planned at the Horsemarket carpark;
  • Provided free loft insultation to Council Tax Band A and B homes;
  • Became peat free. No peat is used in the town’s hanging baskets and planters;
  • Planted wildflower meadows in the cemetery and town parks;
  • Installed solar panels on the indoor market roof;
  • Installed LED lighting at Guildhall offices.

Oswestry Town Mayor, Councillor Jay Moore comments, “It has never been more important for the town council to tackle the intertwined crises; climate change and biodiversity collapse and we recognise the need to take urgent action to prevent irreversible damage. Protecting our environment will continue to be one of the council’s top priorities.”