The Directors behind a local organisation have launched a GoFundMe page to raise vital finances enabling their services to continue supporting residents over the coming months.
Anna Robson from Pebbles based in Oswestry said: “We have always been transparent about our finances, where donations go, how we find our work and everything else in between. We’ve been trying our best to support as many people as we can with what we have – we’ve been using our savings to pay our bills while we run our events, make our resources, write our workshops and coaching programme. We’re still in the process of applying for funding, but unfortunately it’s come to the point where were we need peoples help!
We’re trying our best to get our heads around the insane application form but we know that even if we got accepted we would still have a minimum of 4 months to wait. So we’ve estimated how much it would cost for us to keep putting in the work we do for the next 4 months.

Not only will £1,000 help us help others with their mental health, it is also the same amount of money as the cost of a wig for someone battling with cancer.

I have decided that if we reach our target amount I will cut off my hair/dreadlocks and donate them to a charity who creates wigs for cancer patients. I love my dreadlocks, they’ve been my identity, and confidence through a huge shift in my life. It scares me thinking about cutting them off, however someone else needs them more than I do!!  Plus how stoked would you be as a little kid to received a dreadlock wig!
So when we say “every penny counts” we really mean it! We can’t do it without you, so please help us share this far and wide!”
Any donations would be much appreciated, please click on the link below:
Pictured: Vikki McAuley and Anna Robson.
About Pebbles People:

We are Anna & Vikki, the real-life couple behind Pebbles People. We have both struggled with our mental health for over a decade, and our aim now is to help you make your mental health a priority.

We built Pebbles People because we know how hard it is to struggle with your mental health. We also know waiting lists for treatment are far too long, it can be difficult to get the right information & resources you need.

For more information log onto: