North Shropshire Constituency Labour Party are delighted to announce Natalie Rowley has been selected as prospective parliamentary candidate for the upcoming general election on 4th July 2024.

On her selection Natalie said “I’m incredibly proud to be selected to represent The Labour Party in North Shropshire, and excited to be out campaigning during this general election. There is real momentum behind Labour and a widespread feeling that a change of government is needed.
I grew up on a council estate, experiencing many of the struggles that people still face today. I know how bad policies and legislation can impact our lives. This tough start in life has given me the skills and the drive to fight for our communities here, and to be an experienced voice at the heart of policy making”

Natalie is a health care worker, and volunteers to help coach football to girls locally.
“In my spare time I’m passionate about getting girls and children active in the county. Through my love of football I want to pass this on to the next generation of girls, to give them opportunities to take part in sport to stay fit and healthy.”

As a Parish Councillor in St Martins, she has worked hard in her local community to improve broadband speeds, highlight the road safety issues for children travelling to school and support of the youth centre.

She adds “I know from speaking to residents in Oswestry, Whitchurch and Market Drayton that nothing works as it should anymore from childcare, dental care and hospital waiting lists to buses and rail travel. Since the 2010 Conservative/Lib Dem coalition we’ve had 14 years of decline, where families are really struggling with the cost of living crisis. They want a change of government, with The Labour Party the only party who can deliver a plan to sort out the mess that the country is in.”

Natalie is looking forward to speaking to residents in the coming weeks

Contact details

Tel: 07870507509