Over 200 young musicians from across the region joined together for a day of music making as part of North Shropshire Music’s Big Sing at The Holroyd Community Theatre.

The collaborative event saw Moreton Hall join forces with North Shropshire Music and national charity Asthma + Lung UK, to raise awareness on how singing and playing a musical instrument can actively promote good breathing technique and positively support those with lung conditions such as Asthma.

Pupils from Moreton Hall Prep School, Selattyn School, St Martins Primary School, Weston Rhyn and Penley Madras took part in a variety of practical sessions delivered by Moreton Hall’s Head of Vocal Studies, Ellie Diack, who explored a variety of breathing and vocal techniques through a fun and creative way.  Pupils raised the roof and awareness of lung health in an interactive day of choral music making.

In addition to her extensive singing coaching at Moreton Hall, Ellie also works for the NHS and is one of their highly regarded ‘Singing for Lung Health’ practitioners.

“In my capacity as an NHS practitioner, I have first-hand experience working with those with breathing and lung conditions,” said Ellie.

“Some conditions can be highly debilitating, but it is heartening to see how regular weekly singing sessions can benefit patients and improve their quality of life.”

Ellie and the Shropshire Music team were joined by Sally Heywood from Asthma + Lung UK who demonstrated how environmental changes can affect lung conditions and sought to scientifically educate how singing can support and improve those experiencing difficulties.

Sally explains: “More than 12 million people in the UK will get a lung condition during their lifetime and have to deal with breathlessness which can be terrifying. Many people with lung conditions say that singing helps them to feel less short of breath and more in control of their breathing, so it’s great that pupils will be using the power of their voices to raise awareness and funds for the charity.”

Helen Rayner, Moreton Hall’s Director of Music enthused: “What an event: it was a fascinating day – everyone learnt something: I had no idea that Beethoven was asthmatic! A super day for creative thinking and learning and a refreshing way to raise awareness for such an important issue,”

“The event was not just a great opportunity to bring young people together through song, but it has raised awareness that engaging in singing and playing a musical instrument can positively benefit sufferers, and help to promote a better way of life for those struggling with lung conditions.”

North West Community Fundraising Manager, Sally Heywood, added: “We are so grateful to Moreton Hall Music staff for organising the Big Sing with Asthma + Lung UK which saw pupils sing for lung health – an amazing achievement.”