Oswestry-based organisation, Qube is on the lookout for more volunteers! To enable Qube to retain and grow the fundamental services they offer to the people in the local and wider Shropshire area, they are looking to recruit more volunteers.

The services Qube offer have been developed in response to the need of the local community and ultimately aim to keep them engaged and support inclusivity and well-being. The majority of their services are aimed at those who are disadvantaged which includes disability, health (including mental health), unemployment, and rural poverty and isolation.

Their transport service is essential for enabling people in the community to get out and about with ease and makes a huge difference in their lives. The Dial-a-Ride service makes up a large proportion of this service offering door-to-door transport for people without access to public transport or a car. They also offer a Shopmobility scheme, where Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs are available to hire.

Qube aims to keep people connected and engaged, and running Social Groups is central to supporting this. The Qube Social Groups run twice weekly, offering an opportunity for local people to meet new friends, reminisce, learn different skills, take part in fun activities, and get any support where they need to.

Kim Wootton, Chief Officer at Qube says; “Our current volunteers undertake fantastic work on behalf of Qube and we are incredibly appreciative of the time they give.  The recruitment of additional volunteers will enable Qube to help more local people and we are keen to expand our services.  We want our volunteers to enjoy being a part of Qube and, therefore, we spend time matching individuals to the right project.  As a Qube volunteer that could be getting involved in our transport service or helping out at a social group.”

Without their fantastic, friendly team of volunteers, Qube wouldn’t be able to make the difference they do in the community. We’d love to be able to offer our services to more of the local community so if you have some spare time and want to immerse yourself in a fabulous community project, please get in touch, email info@qube-oca.org.uk or call 01691 656882.