A renowned scheme which delivers workshops for young people to engage them with tech and STEM will be providing its workshops online throughout the month of August.

Technocamps – which has hubs at universities across Wales, including Wrexham Glyndwr University – will be providing a ‘Summer of STEM’ programme online for anyone aged between nine and 16 who has an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Hannah Marubbi, Technocamps coordinator at Wrexham Glyndwr University, said: “Like many other organisations, we’ve had to re-think how we deliver our workshops this year – but we knew we still wanted to do something over the summer.“That meant taking things online – but we’ve adapted the programme over the last few months for online delivery and it’s ready to launch from the start of August next week!

“The Summer of STEM has a wide range of fun activities and things to do which you can carry out at home – and it’s free and simple to sign up to as well.

“Over fifteen days in August, there will be a wide range of workshops streaming online where participants can hear from scientists working in  universities right across Wales about their work – and some of the cool things they are doing with science and technology!.

“You won’t need any expensive equipment to join in, and you get the chance to get your hands on a free STEM kit too.”

A video with more information can be found here: https://youtu.be/DvVjsGtIi4A and is also available on the sign-up page here: https://bit.ly/TCSummerOfSTEM