Three specialist members of staff at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital have been named as the first team to be awarded the brand new RJAH Stars Award – after displaying outstanding commitment and passion towards enhanced recovery.

The Medical Illustration Department assist clinical staff by capturing clinical photography of conditions presented by patients, which is then used for diagnosis or for recording a condition during the stages of treatment. Additionally, the team assist multiple departments with additional photography requirements, as well as patient and corporate graphic design work, among more.

Their efforts were so appreciated by Rebecca Warren, Lead Nurse/Practitioner of Enhanced Recovery at the Oswestry-based hospital, that she nominated them for the brand new monthly RJAH Stars Award.

Rebecca said: “I have been working closely with Medical Illustration on one of the Trust objectives around enhanced recovery, with the priority of ensuring Joint School is ready for April. The work that they have completed and supported me with is not only outstanding and will benefit our patients, but the commitment and passion shown is very commendable.

“The team have a clear understanding that enhanced recovery is a clinical priority and without their work we would not have been able to commence Joint School in April. They deserve this recognition for their commitment and outstanding work that will not only support us with delivery but will show professionalism in the delivery as well as the benefit it will have for our patients.”

The team is made up of Medical Illustrator and Manager Andrew Biggs; Medical Photographer Nia Hughes; and Graphic Designer Tony Brindley.

RJAH Stars has replaced the monthly Health Hero Award, which was in place for almost seven years.

Prizes for the winners now include a certificate, a box of chocolates from the League of Friends and a voucher, kindly funded by the RJAH Charity, for the winners to spend as they please.

Andrew Biggs, Medical Illustration Manager, said: “It is a huge honour to be named as the inaugural winners of the RJAH Stars Award. I don’t think we were expecting it as a team, and we are grateful to Rebecca for the nomination.

“As a Medical Illustration team, we get to be involved in some very varied projects – from our bread and butter of clinical photography to supporting big Trust initiatives such as our recruitment campaign or the branding of our veterans’ service.”

Tony Brindley, Graphic Designer, added: “Working on the Enhanced Recovery Programme with Rebecca and her team has been hugely rewarding. It is fantastic to see the impact it is already having on patient care, and it is humbling to have our contribution to that work recognised in this way.”

The team were presented with the first RJAH Stars Award by Stacey Keegan, Chief Executive.

Stacey said: “It was great to be able to present Medical Illustration with the very first RJAH Stars Award. The award was much deserved for all their hard work, and dedication to patients and staff alike.

“I know it has been a challenging time for the department, with multiple projects to focus on whilst keeping patients a priority. I echo Rebecca, the team truly deserve this recognition.”