Sixth Form Students and Year 10 Pupils at the Marches School were put through their paces this week by serving Royal Marines.

The Royal Marines, who are based at nearby Shawbury, visited the Marches to give a presentation on life with the Marines, their experiences and the benefits of being in the forces. They answered any questions the youngsters had who are seeking why the Marines could be a possible career path.

The Royal Marines finished the day by putting the students and pupils through a series of drills and exercises. This was hard work for the youngsters, but an enjoyable experience for them nonetheless.

The Marches School is excited about welcoming both the Royal Marines and the RAF during the Summer Term who will work with the Year 12 students.

Gareth Jones, Assistant Head of Sixth Form at the Marches School, commented: “It was a pleasure to welcome the Royal Marines to the Marches School and the students and pupils enjoyed listening to what they had to say and going through the tough drills. We find it extremely beneficial to have these sort of hands-on activities, to allow the students to think about their career path from current professionals, and we look forward to having these sorts of days again in the future”.