It’s not very often you can walk through a village and be greeted by Donald Trump and ET!

Ruyton- X1-Towns resident Llinos Llafar Rollinson, organised the Scarecrow trail on behalf of her 6 year old daughter Seren.

Llinos told Oswestry Life: “The idea of the Scarecrow trail came from my 6 year old little girl whilst passing through Llangynog.   Over the last few months she enjoyed looking out for different scarecrows en route.  One day she asked and suggested ‘Can we do that kind of trail in our village mummy, it would be such fun’ I replied saying, ‘I think that’s a good idea Seren and we proceeded to plan how we could get the idea to a reality. I posted on her behalf on the Ruyton village Facebook page to see if fellow villagers would be happy and want to unite in a trail.

I was so happy and humbled with the positive response we received and seeing so many scarecrows popping up now around the village is amazing.  Due to the time of year we decided that it was apt and timely to aim for a Halloween trail, however they didn’t have to be Halloween themed.

Due to the situation we are facing this year with a suspension of trick and treating, it makes for a positive happy fun village focused alternative that people can walk and explore at different times over the coming weekend and beyond.

Since sweets are discouraged this year and when I explained this to Seren, she again come up with the idea, ‘why don’t we give the money instead of sweets for the NHS mummy and we can collect it’

I love the way a child’s idea has been supported and nurtured and the way the village has united.

We are very excited to have a walk and explore the scarecrows   We would like to thank everyone for supporting the idea and for the positive response.”