After launching ShrewsFamily on 4th May Shrewsbury Town in the Community, along with Shrewsbury Town FC have made over 760 calls to the most vulnerable members of their ShrewsFamily Community.

The 769 phone calls that have been made have not only been to ensure the wellbeing and safety of their ShrewsFamily members during this global pandemic, but also offer some social interaction. Staff and Volunteers who have been conducting the calls have been strengthening the bond between Club and Community and of course, talking about how much they all miss football.

ShrewsFamily’s next mission is to deliver 200 tailor-made ‘isolation packs’ to their most vulnerable supporters and participants from their Community programmes.

These packs will include  footballs, tennis balls, skipping ropes and other sporting equipment that will allow children to participate in regular exercise, follow Shrewsbury Town in the Community’s daily live lessons and so much more.

A number of their isolation packs will contain resistance bands and dumbbells to help engage elderly participants in strengthening exercises; guard against the ever increasing risk of falls. Others will include Samsung Tablets to help participants stay connected and take part in activities like Zoom coffee mornings.

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