A staggering number of girls from Moreton Hall have been selected for the North Regional Lacrosse U15 and U18 teams. After showcasing their Lacrosse experience and talent they have been chosen to represent the North of England in the Regional Academy Tournament in April.

The following girls were chosen:Alysha Brown, Verity Carryer, Amelia Hacking, Yasmin Hui, Amelia Wray, Charlotte Clark, Eleanor Mason and Cordelia Harpin.

Despite it being the first time talented Cordelia has embarked on this challenging selection process, she has been selected to play beyond her years for the U18 North Regional team, at the age of 14.

She was selected after an intense two day course where coaches instructed budding sporting stars on different assets of the game, culminating in a series of matches where participants were given the chance to shine.

Cordelia, still excited from the news, commented: “When they read out my name, I was so shocked and surprised. It is my dream to play for England, it’s what I want to do and now I feel like one step closer.”

This is an excellent achievement for all the girls, as they now are on the path for potential national and international sporting success.