On one of the hottest February mornings on record, over 200 Moreton Hall students supported the global campaign for action on climate change.  Dressed in green and brandishing brightly coloured posters, the students were a timely reminder of the need to raise awareness for the cause.

Following the recent youth marches in London, Moreton Hall students were keen to get behind the campaign and to become actively involved with the message aimed at government: STOP talking about climate change and actually DO something about it.

Student Olivia Murton who led on the youth initiative at Moreton Hall with fellow student Rebecca Ho said, “Climate change is a topic that is frequently talked about in passing and as a result of this many people often don’t fully understand or know about the damaging effects that it causes.

“What we are doing in school is part of a movement that started in August when Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old schoolgirl, held a solo protest outside Sweden’s parliament.”

Rebecca Ho continued: “Climate change can have major impacts on our future as it’s been estimated that it threatens 1.2 billion jobs. In addition, climate change will result in an increase in natural disasters, meaning more severe storms, floods and droughts. This will not only affect our lives but the lives of wild life too.”

Olivia concluded, “It may seem like there’s little we can do, however, it’s actually quite simple. We can ride a bike to the shops instead of driving, attempt to waste less, recycle more or repurpose and reuse old items. We can even do something as basic as turning off the lights when we leave the room.

“Simple steps will not only benefit our future, but the future of the planet and the future of many more generations to come.”