A collective of otters in water is known as a “raft” yet there was no floating around from Oswestry Otters at this year’s Shropshire County Championship.

The club is known for being a small community swimming club with only 76 members but its achievements are continually growing!

Last year, 2018, saw 36 Otter swimmers achieving 34 finals and 13 medals at the Shropshire Championship.

This year saw an impressive 42 swimmers, ranging from 10 to 24 year olds, achieving 79 finals and 17 medals across the board – 3 Golds / 9 silvers / 5 bronzes.

Head Coach Tim Hastie said “There is always a high standard of swimmers representing their clubs at the Shropshire Championships. It is no small achievement in just qualifying for it but to go there alongside a growing number of swimmers, achieving top position to swim in finals and coming away with medals around their necks is wonderful to see.”

The club is always looking at ways to expand in the area and the ability to offer more to the local residents who are interested in the swimming world. Oswestry Otters ASC, a registered charity, needs help from the community and local business,via sponsorship or donations, to ensure that we can continue to deliver for all and the future. For more information on the club check us out atwww.oswestryotters.org.uk