Rural Clicks, the recently established digital marketing agency, is elated to commemorate its first month of operations, reflecting on significant achievements and milestones. The team is excited to share not only the remarkable client engagements but also a noteworthy appearance on BBC Radio Shropshire, and establishing a new home at Artillery Business Park.

In November, clients sought Rural Clicks’ expertise for a variety of digital marketing services, including:

Social Media Marketing Solutions

Website Developments

SEO Strategies

Content Creation through Videography and Photography Content Days

This diverse range of services underscores Rural Clicks’ dedication to offering comprehensive and tailored digital marketing solutions to meet the unique needs of local businesses.

Rural Clicks has secured a permanent home at The Fort, Artillery Business Park. This physical space not only signifies the agency’s growth but also serves as a central hub for clients who prefer in-person consultations. While the team bids adieu to the convenience of freshly ground coffee at every meeting, they eagerly look forward to welcoming clients to their new premises.

Adding to the excitement, founders Jack and Alex were invited to share their journey on BBC Radio Shropshire. Host Clare Ashford engaged in a lively conversation covering all things Rural Clicks, including the agency’s inception, goals, and its unwavering commitment to supporting local businesses.

The overwhelmingly positive response and feedback from clients, family, and friends affirm that Rural Clicks is on the right path. The agency remains steadfast in its mission to support local businesses through affordable and straightforward digital marketing solutions.

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Pictured: Jack and Alex.