A Shropshire based charity took on the Welsh 3000s on their latest outdoor programme.

Climbing Out helps adults rebuild mental resilience to move their lives forward following a physical or mental trauma. They run eight outdoor programmes a year, taking groups on residential trips across the UK. The charity combines outdoor activities, such as kayaking and abseiling, with mental resilience coaching, to change the mindset of their participants.

In September they took 13 people on a programme in North Wales. The participants were all embarking on their level 2 – a follow up programme which aims to continue their development. The trip was funded by Team Forces and The Sackler Trust. Members of the group were all from different backgrounds, including veterans and emergency service workers.

Charity founder, Kelda Wood MBE, said, “Our level 2 programmes are all about people continuing on their journey of development, growth, friendship, and support. In North Wales we saw all of those things – the group pushed themselves, encouraged each other, and most importantly they had an amazing experience.”

One of the group members, Gary, said, “My level 1 Climbing Out programme showed me the person I can become, and on my level 2 they’ve shown me that I am worthy to become that person.”

Kelda adds, “Our level 2 trips involve an increase in the challenge and the responsibility we ask for in return from our participants. They did an amazing job at taking ownership of their journey. We took on six of the Welsh 3000m peaks, including a sunrise summit of Tryfan which involved a 4am start to get to the top in time. It was a truly magical moment.”

Another participant, Martin, said, “Climbing Out has helped me find myself once again. To see a beacon of light upon the horizon to guide me home. It has given me hope and enabled me to see what it is I am fighting for. It’s been little steps each day, using the tools shown by Kelda and her team. These small steps have made a big path. Recently my father said to me ‘I finally have my son back.’ This is all down to the Climbing Out team.”

Sarah from the group adds, “Climbing Out has been the most helpful, and most awakening thing to ever happen to me. It has helped me more in those few days, than professional services have been able to do in 17 years. I’m so grateful to be given this life-changing opportunity to grow, to push through previous fears and anxieties, to change my mindset, and to gain self-confidence, a sense of purpose, and to meet wonderful like-minded people along the way. Climbing Out has completely changed my life, my mindset, and thankfully, my future – which I now see and look forward to after so long. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, the darkness has cleared, I’m no longer stuck, and I can’t wait for other people to experience this new life that Climbing Out enables us to have.”

To find out more about the charity visit climbingout.org.