The Movement Centre ( are one of the first Charities to sign up with NextGenDonate                        ( who are the leaders in a new Charity donation concept.

Who would have thought you could use a sticker as a donation point? NextGenDonate are helping and supporting The Movement Centre to do just that with their own branded donation Sticky.

The small stickers created by Sticky(, and being brought to charities through NextGenDonate will enable The Movement Centre to turn any object in any environment into a contactless donation point. No power or App required.

 Gill Nunn, CEO of NextGenDonate said “The solution allows you to have a single touch engagement for donations, providing the ability to receive contributions, collect Gift Aid and Donor Information. It also delivers feedback to the donor about how they will impact, help and encourage ongoing support through connection to social media. We are delighted to have The Movement Centre as one of the first charities to adopt this new capability and we are excited to see how this can help raise funds for the charity.”

The Movement Centre will have the ability to turn a table, a rock or even a person into a donation point for their supporters. Curtis Langley, Fundraising and Marketing Officer at The Movement Centre said “I am really excited to get going with this new concept. We have loads of ideas on how we could use the Sticky donation points and this is another way of a small charity like The Movement Centre to diversify our fundraising. To think that one of our runners won’t need a sponsor form any more is fantastic. In a world where sustainability is key, this could be the way forward.”

The Movement Centre are now looking for pubs, restaurants or individuals to trial this new concept and would ask people to get in touch to find out more about these stickers.

Curtis Langley, Fundraising and Marketing Officer, The Movement Centre  01691 404248

Gill Nunn CEO NextGenDonate 07740 924 376