The British Ironwork Centre recently welcomed the film and photographic team from the Press Association.
They arrived specifically to help ensure that the monument is completed and is allowed to fulfill its destiny of being unveiled in Trafalgar Square, London. The Knife Angel is the UK’s visual statement illustrating our intolerance to the rising statistics of violent and aggressive crimes.
A total of 43 British Constabularies have supported us with our campaign, there are only two Police Forces that are preventing the sculpture from being finished which are South Yorkshire and Sussex police. They still remain unable to contribute to the national effort, to ensure greater awareness and effort is made to reduce knife & hate crime nationally.
The ultimate destination for the ‘Knife Angel Sculpture’ is the fourth plinth, London. We are currently on a mission to raise 100,000 signatures to have our plea raised in parliament.
Without these two remaining forces sharing this national effort, the monument is stuck in its studio and cannot represent the UK’s intolerance to increasing levels of aggression and violence on the UK’s streets.
The monument is made from 100,000 dangerous blades, all of these knifes have either threatened, hurt or even stabbed someone on the streets for the wrong reason.
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