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From riding on horseback to arriving in sports cars, a vintage bus and on a Harley Davidson, the mode of transport clearly set the tone for what was to be a glamorous ‘Marches School Year 11 Prom’, at The Lion Quays Resort.

On Wednesday 12th July, the A483 north of Oswestry was busy with an array of vehicles, all transporting Year 11 Marches students to their Leavers Prom at The Lion Quays Resort. Parents, relatives, past students and friends all turned up in their hundreds to greet students as they arrived. Over 200 students and 50 staff attended the event and enjoyed a very ‘Red Carpet’ style welcome, before sitting down to a 3 course meal, followed by a night of dancing away to the DJ. In between courses, students enjoyed a speech by Head Boy and Girl.

Event organiser, Claire Cass, commented “The evening went incredibly well and was thoroughly enjoyed by all, even the sun came out! The students put so much effort into planning their outfits and transport; it really was sensational to see. They have been a fantastic year group and we now wish them all the best with their results in August.”

The annual event has become a firm favourite on the school calendar, with a large number of both students and staff attending each year.



Photo 1 – Hannah Griffiths-Bourne

Photo 2 – Ally Lantos

Photo 3 – Group of Year 11 Boys

Photo 4 – Group of Year 11 Girls

Photo 5 – Elise Pritchard

Photo 6 – Scarlett Carter

Photo 7 – Ethan Bungay and Maisy Morris

Photo 8 – Laughter