Borderland Rotary club welcomed John Vidal to speak the other day and it was interesting to hear that the Green revolution is underway, necessary and being televised.

John, who recently left the Guardian newspaper where he had been environment editor for 27 years, told how the conversation about climate change and global warming has developed and moved on over the last thirty years or so, from the days of Swampy living in a tree on the Newbury bypass demonstrations through the alternative energy boom of wind and solar in the early part of this century which was then drowned out by bank failures, austerity and Brexit.

He welcomed the fact that Extinction Rebellion has put the most important issue facing humanity back on the front pages – all over the world. Will we look back on these times as a seminal moment in history, rather like the suffragette movement or the birth of the NHS? We must act and it will almost certainly be televised.

Picture left to right John Vidal and David Kendal (President Borderland)