Oswestry Cambrian Rotary is claiming to be the only Rotary club in the world that has a real Mermaid as a member!

Mermaid Seren (aka Jeni Hall) from Gobowen near Oswestry, is a true water-baby at heart and spends as much time submerged as she can. She is a qualified Dive Master, as well as a free diver and trains regularly to improve techniques and breath holding. A devotee of the wintry world of cold-water swimming (without wetsuit!) and trained through lockdown by filling a wheelie bin with water and dipped in there, ice and all!

As a Professional Mermaid – yes, you did read that right, she works under her Mermaid name Mermaid Seren. As part of the “Performance Mermaids” pod she works around the UK performing in underwater aquarium shows. She also gives talks about sea life and conservation. Having studied Marine Zoology and volunteers as a Marine Mammal Medic, she hopes to inspire and educate others about our planet and wildlife.

The Oswestry Cambrian Rotary is ready to welcome all genders and couples of 18+ from the local community who want to be “people of action”.  They normally meet face-to-face at The Wynnstay Hotel, Church Street, Oswestry on Thursday evenings at 7.45pm and meet in the bar. Alternatively, you can join our meeting from anywhere via our Zoom account connection.

For more information on what their new style of Rotary has to offer contact Mike Lade on 01691 570917, info@oswestrycambrianrc.co.uk or see www.oswestrycambrianrc.co.uk

Pictured: Mermaid Seren (aka Jeni Hall) in her favourite habitat – cold water!