The British Ironwork Centre in Oswestry hosted hundreds of Minis on Sunday 16th January.

Organised by the Wirral Minis Owners Club, the Ironworks were chosen as the destination for their meeting after Wales restrictions meant they could no longer meet in their original location of Llandudno.

With just a few weeks’ notice, the Ironworks were delighted to assist the club in hosting their event.

The British Ironwork Centre chairman, Clive Knowles, says “the nostalgia all the Minis brought had great synergy with the British Ironwork Centre. With Minis made from metal, and our ironwork sculptures and items made from metal, it was a perfect match. All our car events are free of charge for clubs to use our grounds.”

Mini owners were given a special inside view of current Ironwork projects, including a brief view of the next National Monument being finished.

The event was a welcome boost to the Ironworks, and they are always happy to host car clubs on their grounds. Just contact for more information.

The Wirral Mini Owners Club have raised £1300 for charity from the event. You can find more information about the Wirral Minis Owners Club at