LAST month saw the Rotary Club of Oswestry wrap up its Tree of Light Appeal with the presentation of the final 3 cheques to Midlands Air Ambulance, Severn Hospice and the Lingen Davies Cancer Fund. This year’s Appeal raised a terrific £6,000 which was distributed between 11 local charities, each one commenting how important such donations and public funding are in their own operations.

The final 3 beneficiaries are all critical to residents of the Oswestry and District area and demonstrate the importance of such local charitable giving. At the time of the Lingen Davies Centre opening in 2012 Julia Clarke, now Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust’s Director of Corporate Governance, said: “I feel so humbled by the support that we’ve had from the community that we’re providing the service for. This building, in total, will have cost over £5m and all of it has been raised by the public.”

Receiving their cheque Lizzy Coleman from this year’s Rotary appeal, Events and Fundraising Officer for Lingen Davies, said: “Public support continues to be needed; with the Centre planning for its 40th anniversary in 2019 our Ruby Appeal aims to raise £1.25m by June 5th next year as we focus on three key areas of work: Improving Cancer Prevention and Early Detection, Enhancing Cancer Treatment Services and Supporting People Living Beyond Cancer. Donations have already funded an MRI Guided Prostate Biopsy Machine and Colorectal Scope Guides although more equipment is still needed together with a range of exciting smaller projects to make a positive difference to lives affected by cancer in the community.”

Lucy Ruff, Fundraising Manager at Severn Hospice, thanked all the donors to the fund for their continuing assistance saying: “We receive so much support from individuals, groups and from local businesses across Shropshire and Mid Wales without whose help we couldn’t deliver and improve our services. We are really thankful!”

Tree of Light Organiser Mike Jones said: “It is the same story with all these charities. Without the support of the public they would not be able to operate. Lizzy and Lucy told us their stories while Maria Jones from the Midlands Air Ambulance also told us how important our donation is for even routine items such as fuel as they still receive no government funding.”

“The Tree of Light makes a difference year on year as our members work hard to raise more than the previous year. I am very grateful to both the individual public donors and the business sponsors who help it happen each year. Thanks to their support we all help these charities carry out their work!”


Midlands Air Ambulance: (L-R) Rtn Ian Haigh, President David Davies, MAA Fundraising Manager Maria Jones, Tree of Light Organiser Mike Jones and Rtn Denzil Ellis

Lingen Davies: (L-R) Rtn Ian Haigh, Lizzy Coleman Lingen Davies Events and Fundraising Office, Mike Jones Tree of Light Organiser and Rtn Denzil Ellis

Severn Hospice: (L-R) Tree of Light Organiser Mike Jones, Lucy Ruff Fundraising Manager at Severn Hospice, Rtn Denzil Ellis and Rtn Ian Haigh

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