The Oswestry Talking Newspaper today welcomed the Mayor, Councillor Mark Jones to its recording studio where he read the first item of this week’s Talking Newspaper.

The Oswestry Talking Newspaper is a voluntary organisation providing local news for the sight impaired in audio format.

Andrew Sharman, technician for OTN said: “We have been compiling and editing online for the past year, and had to close for lock-downs prior to that, so this was another step to normality, albeit a reduced service still because of the lack of volunteers.   News is read from the Oswestry Life magazine and Oswestry Advertizer then recorded onto memory sticks.   These are sent via the free postage system to listeners who are provided with a player to enable ease of listening.”

“Our volunteers are all over 70 years of age, and we have lost some support because of long-term illness and members caring for family/loved ones who are shielding because of Covid 19.   We would be grateful for any new volunteers.  We require people who have some knowledge (albeit scant) of computers to record the news items for us.  Our secretary is resigning next year and that position needs to be filled.   We would also appreciate help with various general administrative duties, along with maintenance of the equipment in use at our studio.  We currently record on Thursday mornings.  However, that can be amended to suit the working practices of any new volunteer currently employed.   Full training would be given.

All our equipment is digitalised and the organisation operates in teams.   Therefore the more volunteers we have will enable us to return to weekly recordings.   Our studio is located in The Guildhall in Oswestry.”

OTN has been operational in Oswestry for over 40 years.  For further information please contact:


Pictured: The Mayor of Oswestry, Councillor Mark Jones.

Pictured: Councillor Paul Goulbourne.