Oswestry held its second ever Beagle Meet last month, as 16 four-legged friends (and their owners) from across the town congregated on Brynhafod Field.

Organised by Oswestry animal lover Sorina Bailey, she first heard about ‘beagle meets’ on facebook and decided to create her own version in Oswestry after adopting two-and-a-half-year-old beagle Jenson, who is named after Jenson Button.

“The first ever Oswestry beagle meet took place in January this year,” said Sorina, “and was such a success it was followed up recently with another. The word just spread,” said Sorina, after a few people had shared her post on facebook.

“Brynhafod is an ideal venue as the field is completely enclosed, so we can relax for a few hours and let the hounds play. It is lovely to see them all running around together. Beagles are wonderful dogs. They have great personalities, real characters. They are very loving, gentle, friendly and at times incredibly stubborn too!”

Sorina also has a 10-year-old cat named Asbo, although he won’t be joining in the fun “He may look like butter wouldn’t melt but his name suits him!”

Sorina ends: “I would like to thank everyone for taking part in the Beagle Meet and hope for many more to come.”

The next Beagle Meet will be on Saturday 28 October at 11am on Brynhafod Playing Field. To find out more, search facebook for Oswestry Beagle Gatherings.

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