Tax Reliefs and allowances your business could benefit from right now!

Everything you always wanted to know about Research and Development, Capital Allowances and Grants.

Businesses looking to get a full understanding about Research and Development, Capital Allowances and Grants are being invited to hear from three experts to a free one-hour webinar. The online event takes place on Wednesday July 21st at lunchtime from 1pm until 2pm.

Mehul Kyprianou-Chavda, R&D Tax Manager at Catax Group offers his advice on the most common misconceptions about claiming research & development tax relief. Research & Development activity is vital for the growth and balance of the UK’s economy.

Nathan Robinson, Regional Development Director at Catax Group will discuss how to identify, maximize and protect game changing Tax relief via “embedded Capital Allowances” for commercial landlords. Due to changes in government legislation over the past decade, Capital Allowances are now a specialist area and they often require several criteria to be qualified prior to approaching HMRC and a claims success or failure relies on the due diligence performed.

Our third expert, Chris Parkhurst, Regional Development Director at Catax Group will cover Grants. Chris is an expert in the field and can simplify them with business owners by helping to make them accessible and achievable. Grants are incredibly powerful ways to assist and fund business growth but their complexity and detail can frighten off many who would benefit from using them. The one hour webinar will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have to our expert speakers. This event is being organised by local R&D specialist firm, Reclaim Tax UK Ltd, the business development partner of Catax and in partnership with the Marches Growth Hub Shropshire

To book your free place book  or simply email  call 01743 298981.

Pictured: One of the Expert speakers – Mehul Kyprianou-Chavda