Bleed control kits have been installed in all Parish Council owned defibrillator cabinets in and around Whittington. Funded by the Parish Council, the kits were purchased through the Daniel Baird Foundation, a charity set up after the tragic death of Daniel Baird, who at the age of 26 years was fatally stabbed in the early hours of 8th July 2017, outside The Forge Tavern, Digbeth in Birmingham following a night out with friends. There was no first aid or bleed control kit available and Daniel died shortly after arriving at hospital due to catastrophic bleeding.

The kits can be used in serious incidents to control bleeding and promote blood clotting. There are many ways that a catastrophic bleed can occur, such as from a stabbing, car accident or a work related injury.

By having publicly accessible bleed control packs, anyone can provide the necessary first aid to reduce blood loss until professional, medical help arrives.

The Bleed Control Kits are located in the Defibrillator Cabinets (accessible with a code which will be given out by the Ambulance Service when calling 999) and have been registered with the West Midlands Ambulance Service. The locations are as follows:

  • The Senior Citizen’s Hall, Station Road, Whittington.
  • Highways Depot, Park Hall, Whittington.
  • The Old Red Phonebox, Hindford.
  • The Telephone Kiosk, Babbinswood.

Lucy Beaumont, Chair of Whittington Parish Council, commented “I am pleased that the Parish Council has provided Bleed Kits for inclusion in the defibrillator cabinets as they provide an extra feature that can be used by those without any medical training. I sincerely hope that they are never needed but should an accident or incident occur these Bleed Kits could help save a life.”

Pictured – Michelle Simmonds Left (Oswestry First Responder) and Lucy Beaumont Right (Chair of Whittington Parish Council).