The wait was worth it as Wrexham Glyndwr’s class of 2020 and 2021 graduated in style with a large celebratory outdoor festival.

The University held the Graduation Festival across two days in the quad at the Plas Coch campus to honour those who graduated during the pandemic years.

The celebrations featured a huge marquee, food stalls, live music and entertainment including a magician. There were also giant games including Jenga, Connect 4 and a buzz wire for graduates and their families and friends to enjoy.

And on Wednesday, Wrexham Glyndwr’s Chancellor, Olympic Games medalist Colin Jackson was in attendance for the first on-campus event since the start of his chancellorship in 2019.

In her speech to graduates, their families and friends, Vice-Chancellor Professor Maria Hinfelaar said: “It is really good to welcome you all today and to hear the buzz of so many visitors to our campus. It’s been too quiet and we’ve missed you.

“It is you, our graduates of 2020 and 2021, who are the reason we are here today to congratulate you and to celebrate your success.

“You have done incredibly well, completing your courses in the face of so much change and uncertainty. And I know it will have been worth it – our graduates tend to do very well on the labour market and make tangible contributions to their communities.”

In his speech to graduates, Chancellor Colin Jackson said: “It is a real pleasure to be here today.

“It is a fantastic time to come to Wrexham and be here.

“We at Wrexham Glyndwr University feel we at the heart of creating a magic and buzz around the town.

“Many of you worked hard to stay committed and focused on your goals during the pandemic, and that is why you are here today.

“You should never, ever, lose your ability to dream – keep those aspirations up and keep going.

“Be the best you can be, dream big, stay focused, committed, and live life with fun.”

Emyr Owen, a former student ambassador and 2021 graduate in Computer Science, said: “It feels great, the weather has been good, I’ve met a lot of people and it’s always nice to see my friends again after such a long while.

“It’s been a long wait for graduation but this event has been a really nice closure for us all.”