Packwood pupils represented the school this week in a county-wide competition designed to stretch and inspire young minds.  As part of Shrewsbury’s Darwin Festival, children across Shropshire were invited to write a letter to Charles Darwin himself, inviting him on a journey with them. At the finals, held at Shrewsbury’s University Centre, the girls were presented with their prizes, books and certificates. One pupil had suggested journeying to a remote tribe in the Amazon, the other an invitation describing a voyage to the world’s deepest ocean trench, the Mariana Trench. Both pupils were able to relate their choices to Darwin’s ground-breaking work on evolution.

The girls had beaten hundreds of other entrants to make it to this final round. Congratulations on not only their scientific ideas, but also the ingenuity of their creative writing. Well done all three!

Packwood School is Shropshire’s leading independent boarding and day school. The school has a deserved international reputation for excellence, combining the best of traditional values with a forward-looking approach to modern education. Traditional manners and respect go hand in hand with QR codes and pupil i-pads. Headmaster Robert Fox, joining the school from Harrow, would like to invite visitors to come for a taste of Packwood. If you want to join in, the school is holding an Open ‘Arts in Space’ activity day on Sunday 3rd March.

For more information, contact Nick Weston, Senior Master