Did you help your community in lockdown and enjoyed it?

Restricted in your ability to travel?

Would you like to join the biggest community organisation in the world?

Regardless of where you live, you could now join a local very active and fun Rotary club!

Everyone has something to offer Rotary with new ideas and life experiences so why not bring them to Oswestry Cambrian Rotary?

One positive effect of the pandemic has been to force Rotary clubs around the world to “think outside of the box” to work out ways to continue their community service. The biggest tool was technology by way of the Zoom App via the internet. Oswestry Cambrian Rotary was no exception, but they have seen the positive benefits of the technology. The biggest benefit has been that members who get home late from work can still join in, members working away or on holiday can still join via the Zoom App from wherever they are. Cambrian have invested in the technology further so now  have the benefit of the face-to-face with members joining their meetings via the internet to make a much more vibrant team.

You could be part of their team and the other 1.2m Rotarians in over 200 countries in the world.

Membership lead Mike Lade said, “I believe that Rotary life after COVID-19 will require significant adjustment, but this has provided the opportunity to adapt and use technology. This will ensure that Rotary has become a more modern and potentially a more inclusive organisation, in that we can demonstrate the traditional face-to-face meeting is not the only way to run a club.”

The Oswestry Cambrian Rotary is ready to welcome men, women, or couples of 18+ from the local community who want to be “people of action”.  They normally meet face-to-face at The Wynnstay Hotel, Church Street, Oswestry on Thursday evenings at 7.45pm and meet in the bar. Alternatively, you can join our meeting from anywhere via our Zoom account connection.

For more information on what their new style of Rotary has to offer contact Mike Lade on 01691 570917, info@oswestrycambrianrc.co.uk or see www.oswestrycambrianrc.co.uk.