Local Hero Awards 2023

With autumn well and truly here, and winter feeling like it’s not so far off, it must be that time again and boy did it come around fast. The fourth year of the Oswestry Life Local Hero Awards are here, which means it is time for you to get involved again!

The awards are an opportunity to highlight those who have been giving it their all and working away, perhaps a little too quietly, but you feel deserve some extra special recognition for their hard work and behaviour.

A total of twelve awards are up for grabs, each one very kindly being sponsored by local businesses, charities or organisations. All you need to do is select your nominee and let us know why you decided to nominate them.

Is there somebody in your local community that has gone above and beyond? Perhaps an unsung hero, showing exemplary behaviour, dedication and compassion? Then take a minute to vote for them and give them the recognition that they deserve.

With so many different awards to nominate for, be sure to get your vote(s) in. Voting is open as of now, you have until mid-January 2024 to have your say. With winners being revealed in our March 2024 issue.

Get your vote in now and show someone their hard work and efforts have not gone unnoticed. Who is your local unsung hero? Votes can be cast on the Oswestry Life Facebook page, or by visiting our website at www.oswestry.life

A big thank you to all of the sponsors who are involved with the awards, without you this would not be possible. It really goes to show how great of a community we live in.

Please make your category selection below for your nominee


To each and every sponsor, for making this possible.