Marketing & PR

We offer clients the benefits of effective social media management, copywriting and design, with professionals at hand and promotional solutions based upon years of practical, hands-on experience.

We specialise as the connection for Small business owners to achieve cost effective advertising, online, in print, on the radio and in other mediums. We have the expertise, knowledge and negotiating skills to secure placements that fit small business owners’ budgets, targeting audiences and achieving long-term and short-term goals.

Our first question will always be, “What do you want this piece of marketing to do for you?”

Building a website, designing an advert, launching a Facebook page… both parties have to know the endgame first. Perhaps you want to increase brand awareness. Or change audience perception. Attract a different audience. But usually it is simply to get more people to buy from you!

Most business owners use Facebook and Twitter to a certain extent but only a few have the time and the tools to keep up with the changing face of social media and reap its marketing benefits.

DTS Media Limited doesn’t just post content. We research and post a variety of content at the right times, engaging with followers.

Dynamically changing the face of marketing, social media is where your potential customers congregate. And it is ideal for businesses who do not want the headaches of employing a dedicated social media manager. DTS Media Ltd outsourced service is all about working smarter, not harder, making the playing field with your big competitors far more level.

Marketing through social media meets your customers on their terms by going to them and engaging where they are.

Ensuring announcements reach the most relevant end point is vital to the success of any public-relations campaign. DTS Media Ltd uses tried and tested methods to precisely target media contacts based on beat, geographic region, industry and journalist back-history (previously covered stories)both in traditional print and digital platforms.

We have solid connections with many local editors. Let us generate the content to get you noticed.

We have professionals who have created logos for leading businesses, whole new brand identities, brochures, business cards, posters, leaflets you name it.

We only offer mobile responsive websites given the changing way people access the web nowadays, so there’ll be no extra charges for making your website adapt to a phone or tablet. We believe it should be part of the service.

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