Students from a Shropshire school have wowed audiences at a series of concerts in Spanish city Barcelona.

Musicians and the Chapel Choir from Ellesmere College spent five days touring the city and performing in iconic and world-class venues.

They stopped tourists in their tracks as they sang at the UNESCO World Heritage site La Sagrada Familia, as well as Barcelona Cathedral and Montserrat Monastery.

Tony Coupe, Director of Music at Ellesmere College, said: “The Music Tour to Barcelona will always hold happy and special memories of spending time with a remarkable, talented, funny, resilient and special group of people.

“The Catalan people were interested in finding out about Ellesmere and sharing their proud culture with us.

“Everywhere we sang people reacted with warmth and were often moved by the performances.

“In La Sagrada Familia we performed a short concert at the Gate of GloryThe building was humming with the sound of construction and visitors but that seemed to fall away as the music radiated out around the large and cavernous structure.

“Subsequently we sang a Mass and concert in the Crypt of La Sagrada Familia, where Gaudi is buried. This was a truly unforgettable experience, with the priest making us truly welcome saying, ‘You will always be welcome to sing here – consider this your home!’”

The choir took Barcelona by storm, performing flash mobs in a variety of locations including the ancient Roman ruins of Barcino and in the Picasso Museum.

The students attended a concert at the Catalan Music Palace where the choir were given the opportunity to sing in the concert hall, being joined by the composer, concert pianist and his family who sat to listen and then talked to them afterwards.

Tony added: “This experience was amazing. I have no words for the many ways in which we were supported but my gratitude to the parents is endless.

“They allow the students to take part in the trip, making sacrifices to encourage these amazing opportunities.

“If the students didn’t know before, I think they will now understand that delivering the best performances requires hard work in rehearsal, good ensemble skills, a desire to really communicate with the audience and a level of assured relaxation in performance.

“I am inspired and exhilarated in having the honour of working with remarkable young people.”

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