Matt Wilson, originally from Oswestry, where much of his family still resides, is spearheading a fundraising campaign to support his daughter Mabel’s journey towards a life-changing procedure. Mabel, a vibrant and joyful 6-year-old, was born with cerebral palsy alongside her twin brother, Arthur.

Their early arrival, 10 weeks premature, led to an initial struggle as they spent their early months in the NICU and hospital. Mabel’s challenges became evident early on, with brain damage confirmed through an MRI, setting her on a journey that would involve ongoing physiotherapy, a testament to her resilience.

Cerebral palsy affects Mabel’s limbs, resulting in spasticity, particularly noticeable in her legs, making independent walking a challenge. However, her spirit remains undeterred. Mabel exudes love and curiosity, enjoying singing, stories, and sharing affection in multiple languages. Her love for reading, swimming, and technology shines through her daily interactions.

The exciting news emerged as Mabel was approved for a ground-breaking procedure called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR). This innovative surgery, conducted by Dr. Park in St. Louis, America, offers hope in addressing the spasticity that has hindered Mabel’s muscle growth and caused orthopaedic challenges.

The journey towards SDR is not just a medical one but a financial and emotional endeavour. The procedure in America will span over 4 weeks, including a crucial 3-week recovery period, with ongoing intensive therapies and equipment needs post-surgery.

Matt Wilson is rallying support for Mabel’s cause, believing in her strength and the potential of SDR to significantly enhance her quality of life. He expresses determination not to relent in the pursuit of a brighter future for Mabel.

“The superhero surgery of SDR can transform Mabel’s life. With your support, we can be Mabel’s heroes, helping her achieve a life filled with happiness and adventure,” Matt Wilson shares.

The Wilson family is seeking support not just through donations but by spreading Mabel’s story and the fundraiser within their networks, urging others to join in this noble cause.

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