An expenses-only TV Pilot being filmed at a nearby specialist college has inadvertently attracted the interest of the national press after casting two well known soap stars. Three major newspapers unexpectedly ran the story within hours of the local production company making the announcement on social media.

The ExpressThe Mirror and The Metro all reported on the double casting of Bhasker Patel and Liam Fox leaving ITV’s Emmerdale and signing on for Henry House, the care home comedy drama being filmed at nearby Derwen College and produced by local production company, Rocking Horse Media.

To get into the national press at this stage, before the Pilot has even been finished, was a bit overwhelming, to be honest,” admits Gareth Owain David Thomas, the writer and director of the project which also stars the undiscovered musical theatre actress, Órla Jones in the lead role, “We only made one announcement on social media. We weren’t even thinking about national attention. Then suddenly the papers get hold of it and we’re getting sent articles by everybody and there we were, Henry House in these big newspapers. We had no idea the stir our little care home drama was about to have!” 

Bhasker Patel, who also featured in Doctor Who and is now the SEVENTH Henry House actor to have appeared in the iconic sci-fi franchise, is very excited about the new challenge that awaits the Emmerdale pair, “So excited to join Henry House with Foxy [Liam Fox], with an amazing line up of British talents. It’ll be a hoot!”

Rocking Horse Media, who have won a national award for their work experience opportunities, are always looking for more local people to join their team. Anyone interested in joining the crew that’s going to be working alongside the famous actors that are being brought to the area should email or call Luke Allen, Henry House Production Manager on 07925063888.

Bhasker Patel.

Liam Fox