Oswestry community kitchen OsNosh has joined forces with a housing association to offer a programme of cookery classes aimed at helping people produce their own healthy and tasty meals without it costing the earth.

The Making Flavourful Food Go Further cookery course has been funded by the Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing association. Its tenants will be offered a place on the course over the next few weeks. Each household taking part will be given a free slow-cooker.

The cookery classes will be held at the OsNosh community kitchen at The Centre, Oak Street every Wednesday in a three week rolling programme through 2023 with the emphasis on low-energy and cost effective recipes.

Those taking part will be given the ingredients for the meal, take-home recipe cards and energy advice as well as a hot meal. They will be guided by the OsNosh team in producing three tasty recipes using a slow-cooker.

The OsNosh team will also be bringing the classes to STAR Housing community centres across the county.

Co-founder and director of OsNosh CIC Ben Wilson has travelled the world as a chef and spent ten years working with the CSONS cafes in Shropshire where the focus is on locally sourced ingredients.

 He said that the ingredients for the cookery sessions would be taken from the OsNosh food share table which includes food donated by individuals and businesses as part of the OsNosh campaign to reduce food waste.

“This project aims to help people cook their own healthy and nutritious meals on a budget.

OsNosh believes everyone has the right to good food, as well as the knowledge and skills required to produce tasty and nutritious meals in a cost effective way.

“We also hope that the experience of cooking together will help those taking part build self confidence through the creativity of cooking,” he said.

More information on how to sign up for the three week courses will be available shortly.

Pictured: OsNosh Directors Ben Wilson and Elliot Bastos.