Last November, Oswestry Town Council awarded £1200 to local project ‘Pebbles People’ to help fund the social café they run at Liar Liar on Bailey Street, Oswestry.

Pebbles People run a Listening Café on the last Friday of every month from 11am to 1pm where people can drop by and connect over a coffee and a board game or two. There is no expectation or pressure, just good coffee, friendly faces, games and conversation.

The project is run by volunteers Anna and Vikki, who want to provide a helping hand to people struggling with mental health. Both Anna and Vikki have first-hand experience of how hard it can be to access the right information and resources, and their aim is to make the mental health support world easier to navigate.

The team aims to create a better understanding of mental health, help people to talk about it, and for people to be aware of their options.  They have initiated a number of projects during the past couple of years including Yoya classes, ‘Oswestry Pride’, finance workshops and the popular ‘Pebble Hunt’ in Cae Glas Park.

This week Oswestry Town Mayor, Cllr Jay Moore popped by to catch up with the team. “Pebbles People provide a life-line for a lot of people in our community and the Council are happy to provide this much needed funding. If you are struggling with your mental health and need some support, pop into their monthly café – the team would love to see you and they will listen”.

If residents would like any more information, visit the Pebbles People website, where you’ll find all their contact details.