Oswestry-based community charity, Qube are celebrating the success of their ‘Wheelchairs Wanted’ campaign. In a bid to reuse rather than buy new, Qube recently used its social media channels as a place to kick off their ‘Wheelchairs Wanted’ campaign.

The reason for the campaign was to increase Qube’s Shopmobility offering to enable more people to take advantage of the fantastic service. Shopmobility provides hire of wheelchairs and mobility scooters to those who are unsteady on their feet and need some relief from walking around the town, making them the perfect companion for getting out and about with ease.

Wheelchairs are an integral part of Shopmobility, however they can be costly to purchase from new, therefore the ‘Wheelchairs Wanted’ campaign was the perfect opportunity to reach out to the public to see if we could relieve those who had wheelchairs that were in great condition that were sitting idle at home, but also add to our fleet of chairs too to enable us to support more people.

Qube’s Shopmobility offering is in fantastic shape and ready for locals and visitors to use to make their experience in the town more accessible.

Kim Wootton, Chief Officer of Qube says; “We want to extend a sincere thanks to the incredible people who donated wheelchairs to us during our ‘Wheelchairs Wanted’ campaign. The fantastic additions we have received from people have added to our fleet of wheelchairs and more people can now benefit from our Shopmobility service.”

For further information about our Shopmobility service or to arrange a hire, please call 01691 656882 or email info@qube-oca.org.uk