If you enjoy being active and you’re looking to add something extra into your life, this could be for you. Finding something fulfilling, that helps others is always the ideal, so have you ever considered becoming an on-call firefighter? Here, we find out what’s involved and introduce a current retained fire fighter who’s not only fit it around his work and passion but is now using it to help with his fundraising efforts for charity.

24-year-old Connor Beardmore is one of the on-call firefighters here in Oswestry. He has always had a passion for fitness and sport since a young age, with a background in hockey, making him an ideal person for the job. Although you don’t need to be a fitness fanatic to join the fire service, an interest in keeping fit does help.

In October 2023, Connor took his love of sport and the fire-service to another level – he ran the Oswestry 10k in full fire service kit (weighing just under 3 stone). If running in sports kit it isn’t enough, the thought of adding a helmet and an oxygen cylinder on your back is enough to break anyone out in a sweat. Connor raised over £1600 for the Fire Fighters Charity, who provide support to firefighters and their families at times of need, and he took home the Oswestry Life Local Hero award for Sports Person of the Year 2023.

Connor has a sporting history of playing international and national league hockey until he became a retained firefighter 18 months ago. He had to make the difficult decision to hang up his hockey kit in order to be able to make the commitment needed to be an on-call retained fire fighter for Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service. Despite this, he is still called upon to guest for other hockey clubs when he is not on call and able to make a match.

There are 22 on-call fire stations throughout Shropshire, all staffed by firefighters who have everyday lives and jobs…until their pager sounds; then as quickly as possible, they make their way to the fire station. On-call firefighters are professional firefighters on the front line, saving lives.

The on-call staff come from all walks of life; from stay-at-home parents to stunt performers, the service welcomes everyone who meets the basic criteria and can pass the recruitment process.

To apply you must:

  • Live or work within five minutes of an on-call fire station (this doesn’t include Telford Central fire station)
  • Be over 18
  • Be physically fit (you are supported and given training in this area)

For more about the role and how to apply, visit www.shropshirefire.gov.uk/on-call