Arriving home from food shopping to be able to bite straight into a peach or apple with the confidence it’s fresh, always feels like a win.

There’s nothing worse than getting your fruit home from the shops to discover it’s rotting at the bottom of the punnet. A waste of time and money.

But Covent Garden Fruit Market in Oswestry set themselves apart from the mainstream and strive to only provide fresh, tasty fruit and vegetables for customers.

For some of us, it’s a lovely trip down memory lane going to the greengrocers with mum or dad as a child. Watching the grocer weigh up the fruit and veg on the big scales and quickly putting it into brown paper bags – without even having to look. The twist of the bag to close it and the smell of fresh cold veg always lingers in the mind.

But Covent Garden doesn’t disappoint – the smell, the market feel, and the friendly welcome means you’ll leave with everything you need plus a smile.

Richard and Dawn Edwards have owned the shop for over 5 years now and visit Liverpool or Manchester markets at least three times a week to source fresh produce for the business.

These days, it’s not just one product we shop for. We like to find lots under one roof, saving us time and allowing us to show our loyalty as customers.

That’s why Covent Garden support other local, independent businesses like Smith’s Bakery, cakes from Laura’s Tearoom and Haughton Honey. Don’t forget – a bit of local honey can help the hayfever this time of year.

Stocking local produce means offering customers a wider range of products and some that may not be found in shops closer to home. On a table by the tills, you will also find free range eggs from local farms – perfect for boiled egg and soldiers.

For those who love a good scone or cheese and crackers, a wide range of Welsh speciality chutneys, condiments and conserves stand on shelves at the back of the shop. Dawn has been busy making homemade pickled onions, eggs, beetroot and red cabbage – just like Nan used to make.

Shopping for high quality foods doesn’t mean high prices. When you’re getting a personal shopping experience, high quality produce, knowledge and exceptional customer service, you won’t want to shop anywhere else.

Our customers say:

“Lovely, friendly, helpful staff and very reasonable prices.”

“Such fresh daily fruit and vegetables, cakes and the staff are fantastic.”

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up like a birthday or celebration, hampers filled with edible goodies are a great gift. Let’s be honest, we all need to eat so you’ll always have a big thank you after giving one of these. Covent Garden offer this service, so drop in for a chat about your needs.

“As well as retail, we have the wholesale and home delivery side of the business. We supply lots of local restaurants, small shops, pubs, hotels and care homes, so we keep ourselves busy,” Dawn says.

“We supply businesses with fresh food in the hospitality and catering industries, helping them deliver top quality dishes to their customers. We love helping businesses and welcome all enquiries for a friendly chat.”

Staff members Trudie, Sue, Av and Dil are waiting to see you.

Shop open Monday – Saturday, 7.30am – 5pm. Call 01691 659516 or 07969 065655/07977 128813. Email