Aico recently supported Gas Safety Week, as part of their ongoing commitment to raising awareness of gas safety.

Pledging support for Gas Safety Week (16th-22nd September), Aico went on tour as part of the ‘Why Would You Risk It? campaign, as a weeklong initiative to coincide with Gas Safety Week, members of staff from Aico along with Aico’s mobile demonstration unit visited five different locations within the UK, with the aim of raising awareness of Carbon Monoxide to the general public.

Steven Mwangi from Luton commented “It is great Aico are supporting Gas Safety Week 2019, raising awareness in the community and showing how important it is to fit a Carbon Monoxide alarm within a property.”

Aico launched the ‘Why Would You Risk It?’ Campaign in March 2019. The campaign aims to highlight the risks associated with Carbon Monoxide, whilst providing information about how to stay safe. Carbon Monoxide is otherwise known as the silent killer, this is because you cannot see, smell or taste it and it can kill very quickly. Many people do not know the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide, as they are similar to flu.  Each year 4,000 people are treated at A & E due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning.*

Aico have produced several educational materials to support the campaign such as a pocket-sized guide to Carbon Monoxide Awareness and three short animated infographics. Neal Hooper, Managing Director of Aico comments “We are proud to be supporting Gas Safety Week raising the profile and awareness of gas safety. Aico are dedicated to providing high quality products to create safer communities and education is key to this mission.”

Aico’s educational resources as well as further information about Carbon Monoxide can be found on their website

*(NHS England Reference: 170048P, 1st April 2019)