At the end of March, Qube said a fond farewell to their Chief Officer, Laurel Roberts following her retirement from her post after 18 years of service for the organisation.

Laurel has played a pivotal part in what Qube has achieved to date. She has helped to develop a number of Qube’s key services including Dial-a-Ride and our Community Arts Programme. She has also led the organisation in the development of many new partnership projects that Qube is currently involved in. This includes projects such as Social Prescribing, the Shropshire and Telford cancer Champions campaign in conjunction with Lingen Davies Cancer Fund, and the VCS Mental Health Project with Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership, to name a few. All of these projects have focused primarily on supporting the wellbeing of the local and wider communities of Shropshire over the years.

Laurel’s departure has been a notable period for Qube and the team, and they are eternally grateful for all of the support Laurel has offered in the period running up to her leaving. She has left Qube in great stead and there are already a whole number of exciting opportunities the organisation has in store for the future. Laurel’s successor, Kim Wootton will be joining Qube in mid-April.

Heather Noble, the Chair of Trustees says; “We are so grateful to Laurel for all she has done for Qube during her 18 years with us. She has worked tirelessly to raise our profile, but also to address the needs of our community. Her legacy will continue long after her retirement. We wish her a long and happy retirement.”

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Laurel Roberts.