All Oswestry town carparks accept online payments via Mi Permit, which is an electronic payment system for pay & display car parking. This includes all Oswestry Town Council and Shropshire Council car parks.

Each electronic parking permit is digital, so there is no need to display a ticket in your vehicle. Simply pay via text message, telephone, smartphone app or online. Enforcement officers can check you have paid, by searching the Mi Permit system for your vehicle registration number.

This payment method means you no longer need to carry the correct coins to pay for parking. The easiest way to pay is via the app, which can be downloaded onto your phone and has simple instructions to follow.

If you wish to extend your parking, there is no need to return to your vehicle. Additional payments can be made virtually by accessing the app, by text message or by telephone and the payment period will be extended.

Parking payments can also be made up to seven days in advance. If you have pre-paid, drive to your chosen car park, and go about your day. You can cancel future parking if you’re not going to need it. Paying in advance does not guarantee you a parking space.

Full details of the Mi Permit system can be found on the side of all pay & display machines across Oswestry.