Looking for a bio alternative to kerosene derived from fossil fuels, the UK heating oil industry has turned to Bio Fuels and Oils Ltd, the UK producer of environmentally considerate diesel fuels and lubricants, to develop a bio kerosene – a more environmentally friendly lower carbon fuel for domestic oil-fired heating systems made from sustainable resources.

Bio Fuels and Oils is now working with Contaminated Fuel Conditioning Services (CFCS), an organisation with over 20 years’ experience in fuel conditioning and testing, and OFTEC, the UK’s oil heating industry trade association, to develop a rapeseed derived bio kerosene to European standard EN 14214 that is sustainable, affordable and stable in storage to be ready for this winter’s oil heating season.

Testing will be conducted by Oswestry company D Powell Plumbing and Heating and will include boiler efficiency, CO (and CO2), hydrocarbons, particulates and NOx emissions, fuel usage and heat efficiency – all with the aim of establishing a base standard of bio kerosene that can be used without detrimental effect to the heating equipment, its functionality and operational safety.

CFCS Director Kevin Harrison said: “CFCS has recently moved to the Oswestry area and is pleased to be able to work with both Bio Fuels and Oils and D Powell to develop a greener, more sustainable and renewable alternative energy source of heating oil.

“The customer should also benefit as the fuel will be kinder to their heating systems.”